Being on the same page with our customers is the best way to deliver accurate and timely orders.  This is a simple guide to working with us here at Avalanche, and hopefully will also answer some of your questions about the screen printing and embroidery process.

Thank you for considering working with us here at Avalanche!
In order to be efficient in getting you a quote and completed
order, we need as many details about your request as possible.
This will get the entire process started and ensure that your
order is error-free and the finished product meets your
How long will my order take?
Knowing your deadline or event date is one of the most 
important details we need to schedule your job.  We do shuffle 
our jobs by deadline and priority on a daily to weekly basis.  If 
you do not have a firm date, we appreciate having the flexibility
to schedule these jobs in where they fit best and we maintain a 
2 weeks or less turnaround time for most orders.  This time 
period starts when an order has been placed and we have
approvals on our estimate and product proof.
How much do you charge for artwork?
We include the 1st half hour of art with any order.  If you
have provided us with print ready art, this includes any sizing or
coloring that needs to be done.  If you are needing new art, this 
half hour will take care of some more simple designs.  Designs 
that need re-proofing and adjustments or need to go back to
the drawing board, will exceed this included art time.  For 
screen printing, we charge $45/hr for art and most all other
projects are $65/hr. 
Can I see what my Vehicle will look like with graphics and logos
on it? 
Regardless of the time involved, there is a $50 charge for
proofing a vehicle with graphics.  This will have to be done in 
order to quote how much the job will cost to install and does 
include re-proofing and adjustments to your liking.  The planning
and production of the decals needed for your install will be 
included in the quoted install price.  All vehicle installs are done 
here at Avalanche and it is always best to schedule a day to drop 
off the vehicle.  We will notify you when it is completed.  This 
process usually does not exceed 1 day, but we will let you know 
ahead of time if the project could take more time.  While we do 
window perf on storefronts, this is not something we offer for 
vehicle windows. 
Can I provide my own shirts for printing or embroidery?
If you plan on providing your own apparel for printing or
embroidery, we will gladly print these items, however, we 
cannot be held responsible for any misprinting or damage that
may occur to your items.  This is due to the vast un-predictability
of items that may be provided.  Materials that may not be ideal
for decoration, their tolerance to heat in our dryer or heat press, 
and machine errors that can damage or destory the fabric of your 
garment are just some of the things that can happen.  We may 
or may not be able to obtain replacement items in a timely or
cost effective manner, so providing your own items is at your 
own risk.  We will always try to inform you to the best of our 
knowledge of any red flags and let you make the decision to 
move forward or not.